Social Media Storytelling & Sales For Artists

My gallery is Instagram!


We will develop a storytelling strategy and create texts and visual material for your Instagram feed.


We will publish all the content manually and will engage with potential curators and collectors. 


Our content strategy will help you to sell your artworks directly from your own Instagram account. 

Social media is your new art dealer

Forget about expensive art fairs and elitist galleries: Now you can sell your art directly on Instagram – and we’ll help you do it!

Increase your Instagram engagement

View, Like, Comment: We engage for you with the most important collectors, curators and museum directors of the international art world. They are all on Instagram and we will connect you, present your work and help you sell your artworks directly.

We empower your art career

Four reasons to work with us!

We ❤ art

We come from the art world too and know how to connect with curators, directors and collectors. We simply love art and want to help artists to be more successful.

You become the brand

Artists need to become a brand and we will help you do so by putting our many years of expertise in marketing and social media at your service. .

No risk

No risks, no hidden clauses. You hire us, we do our job. And whenever you feel that you want to continue on your own, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Pricing matters

We are much cheaper than an agency or gallery. We want you to concentrate on your artistic work, so we can focus on your content strategy, promotion and sales.


Loving it! What's next?

Once you subscribe, we will send you a questionnaire. Your answers will help us to understand your work – and we’ll start working on a strategy. Are you a painter or sculptor, illustrator or designer, sound or Post-Internet artist? Do you primarily want to generate new leads or sell work? Which collectors would suit you, which media channels might be  interested in your work? Which potential curators and directors of international museums could exhibit you?

Then you provide us with pictures and videos of your work and share with us your Instagram account. You don’t have an account yet? No problem, we’ll create one for you!

And then the content production begins. After your approval, we post manually, comment on other accounts, follow new friends – and interact on your behalf with potential collectors, curators and fans.

Two options, tailored to your needs

We boost your Instagram account for this monthly rate:



per month plus VAT. The amount is conveniently debited from your account. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

  • Storytelling strategy
  • 2 Postings
  • Creation & Scheduling
  • 4 hours of engagement



per month plus VAT. The amount is conveniently debited from your account. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

  • Storytelling strategy
  • 6 Postings
  • Creation & Scheduling
  • 12 hours of engagement

About Us

Tom & Friends is a fusion project of two studios: Rosy DX is a creative studio for art and digitality and Uplance Media is a social media agency. We are a diverse bunch combining over 50 years of experience as cultural managers, artists, curators and social media experts. Between Germany, France, Morocco and Brazil we work across borders and combine a lot of international experiences. 

Start to boost your Instagram

Myspace Tom was our very first friend. Then others started coming. We'll make sure you get a lot more friends too.

Social Media Storytelling & Sales For Artists


A project made with ❤️ by Rosy DX – Studio For Digitality & Uplance Media – Social Media Agency
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